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  • The Devel-A-Belt is like the swiss army knife of the accessory world (aside from an acutal swiss army knife) you can use these for a belt, lanyard, stylish suspenders or tie some together n you got a jump rope.


    The Devel-A-Belt potential uses limted by your creativity n common sense like don't use for bungee jumping or something like that homie.

  • -Specifications-

    • All tubes contains a set of 2 Devel-A-Belt's of the same colour, mix n match option available upon request.
    • Orange n Yellow Devel-A-Belt's have a length of 45".
    • Black n Purple Devel-A-Belt's have a length of 54".
    • All colourways have a width of 0.5".
    • Design done via screen printing.
    • Single side printed other side blank.
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